1.Open the image you want to add the linear light and halftone dot effect too.


2.Duplicatethe image to a second layer. Label the layers "original image" and"halftone layer". Move the "halftone layer" to the top of the layerswindow and make sure you have that layer selected.
[b]3.[/b]Makesure you foreground color is white and your background color is black.With the "halftone layer" selected, select Filter Sketch Halftone Pattern from the menu bar. Use the setting in the image belowor play around some. Click "OK" when you are done.
(确认你的前景色是白色,背景色是黑色。选中“中间调图层”,从菜单栏选择滤镜 素描 半色调图案。使用下图的设置或自己设置。点击确认。)

Your image should look something like this(你的图像此时看起来应该像这样)

4.Nowwe need to invert the halftone. On a PC hold down your CTRL key andpress I, on a Mac use the Command key and press I. Your image shouldnow look something like this.

5.Almostthere, we just need to tweak the "halftone layer" some. Select thelayer and change its mode from "Normal" to "Linear Light". You can alsolowered the transparency some.